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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


West Palm Beach Florida:
Miles: 16.25 Google maps indicates more than my phone.
Interactive map of skate

West Palm Beach

Royal Palm Way Bridge (Route 704) Photo taken during the skate

West Palm Beach
Royal Palm Way Bridge (Route 704) Photo taken from water.

I started my skate on US 1 near Hibiscus St. US1 is also called S Quadnile Blvd. This is a very upscale shopping area full of shops and restaurants. Most areas in the downtown vicinity have good sidewalks. However, there are areas of fancy brick sidewalks. The sidewalk right on Lake Worth is nice and wide but has a few feet of bricks every so often. The trip going north on 1 was narrow so so sidewalks.

Next time idea 1:
Start in same area and skate south on 1 to 98 also called Southern Blvd. Take that to S Ocean Blvd and go north to the 704 bridge or the Flagler Memorial Bridge. Bridges are always a gamble because you don’t know if they will be skateable or not.

Next time idea 2:
See if it’s possible to skate across the Jack Nicklaus Dr Bridge. Then go north up A1A to US 1 and south back to the start.

Skating is inherently dangerous. Skating on streets and sidewalks makes it even more dangerous. This blog is not a recommendation to try these ideas. This blog is my diary of my skates. I do not recommend anyone else try any of these ideas.

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